A half-elf in a green Sidoan surcoat


For a half-elf, Peridot looks to have taken most of his features from his elven parent. His features are quite angular and elongated, even more so by his obviously Sidoan lineage. The only hint of human lineage is in his facial hair, a thin “Fu Manchu” mustache. His hair is black, going down to about his chin, and is slicked back to show a pronounced widow’s peak. His eyes are a very brilliant green. His skin is somewhat paler than most of Sidoa and almost has a jaundiced pallor. His green surcoat has golden buttons, and he has a few golden rings with green gems set within them.


Peridot seems to be a busy man. He is cool but amiable to those he speaks with. He seems to work with a group of friends, perhaps as former or even present adventurers, but most of them are strewn about in other parts of the world. He is friends with Miss Garnet, though their relationship seems often strained by Garnet’s hot-headed nature. He is obviously the more collected of the two.


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