Casualty Wagon

A plain-looking wagon meant to transport bodies surriptitiously.


Appearing like a normal wooden wagon, this wondrous item is 12 feet long and 7 feet wide, with 4 doors (7×3 each) along the bottom. Each door opens up to a sealed, padded coffin-like area, 2 feet deep, that has an infinite supply of air and Gentle Repose cast on its padding to ensure any bodies are well preserved (4 in all). The coffin areas are actually somewhere in the Material Plane (most likely a temple of Lansom or a barracks, depending on the wagon’s origin).

Wt: 500 lb

Cost: 4000 gp.


This wagon is popular both for military use and for holy work of clerics for the god Lansom for separate reasons.

Those doing the work of Lansom are often ostracized and are absolute pariahs in some areas. Understandably, that means many prefer to not advertise their purpose to all people by carrying a pile of dead bodies wherever they go. The wagon is perfect to collect and transport bodies discreetly when it requires for their work.

Collecting casualties is an important task to most armies, militias, and task forces. The wounded need to get to safety so that they may be patched up, and the dead need to be brought back as a matter of morale. For this purpose, a casualty wagon can be useful, as the wagon can be used to carry in munitions and other equipment, and carry out wounded and dead without having to sacrifice supply space or add weight.

Casualty Wagon

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