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  • Regret

    Regret is a world on the Prime Material Plane. The name is of unknown origin and has no meaning in any language spoken within the world. This world has no Creator, but has seemed to just come into being. All gods here have ascended from mortals.

  • White Kingdom

    +Capital+: [[Pearl Castle | The Pearl Castle]] +Primary Technology+: Ice-gravity engines; advanced thermodynamic and insulating technologies. +Languages+: White. +Government+: Centralized Monarchy. +People+: Pale, thick-skinned natives take up just …

  • Gjaslid

    One of the largest continents, residing mostly in the Southern hemisphere of [[Regret]]. It is separated into the areas of [[Sidoas]] and [[Quonupre]]. Various dialects of Gjaslidic are spoken throughout this continent. [[Sidoas]] * [[Sidoan Empire | …

  • Ogren

    A major continent of [[Regret]], residing mostly in the upper hemisphere and connected through an icefloat to [[White Kingdom | The White Kingdom]]. * [[Koutuahal]] * [[Ogren Empire | The Ogren Empire]]

  • Stonefall Library

    +Capital+: [[The Univeristy]]. +Technology+: All. +Languages+: All. +Government+: None (savant-omni survival balance). +People+: Any. +Patron Deity+: None (though there are some popular ones). The Stonefall Library is an island unconnected and …

  • Koutuahal

    +Capital+: [[Bejheguri]]. +Technology+: Sand-storm/wind turbine engines; advanced glassmaking. +Languages+: Ogre, Jhafteni, Halfling. +Government+: Theocratic Tyranny with Committee. +People+: Humans, gnomes, Halflings, some ogres and goblinoids. Few …

  • Enyz Island

    +Capital+: Lunsinom. +Technology+: Man/Animal-powered-engines; +Languages+: Gjaslidic (Eastern Dialects), Dashic, Halfling. +Government+: Feudal Lordships. +People+: Human and Halfling, with some variant in applicable areas.

  • Sidoan Empire

    +Capital+: The Naridian Walls. +Technology+: Wind-powered engines; advanced shipbuilding. +Languages+: Gjaslidic (Sidoan Dialects), Zhou, Island-Specific Tongues, Elven. +Government+: Centralized Imperial System with bureaucracy/nobility branches. + …

  • Quonupre Empire

    +Capital+: [[Quonua]]. +Technology+: Water-powered engines; concrete and advanced architecture. +Languages+: Gjaslidic (Quonupre Dialects), Tanila +Government+: Republic. +People+: Diverse, largely human.

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