One of the most significant aspects of Faclount is how he unifies a particularly individualistic race into working together, something that is often cited as one of the greatest accelerators of modern society as intercontinental travel—and thus, the spread of ideas—has become possible due to the active roles of dragons. Skyguards are trained in roosts, and every country has a few official roosts where skyguards are trained for their military and are encouraged to branch out in their chosen fields. Although these dragons aren’t usually as hardy as those outside of Skyguard roosts, they make up for it with their increased formal training.

The level a dragon has in Skyguard is equal to their rank (words in Draconian, taken from the Draconomicon), and must have one level of Skyguard to their age. Levels of Skyguard can replace racial hit dice. Only dragons can take this, abilities taken here MUST replace their abilities in the book. Stats can become the equivalent of the base monster if the base is better AFTER they reach that number of hit die for that age and have taken the Aerofield Training feat. If they reach the next age of rank, they need to return to a training roost and dedicate another level to Skyguard to access any racial powers they get at that age (unless they have reached the proper number of hit die for their age otherwise and have spent a feat for each age group to gain them). In other words, Skyguards do not have their usual breath weapon or natural armor until it is earned.

Another add, however, is that they learn Alternate Form immediately (as to interact with humanoids and such without being exposed or feeling cramped in humanoid quarters). Though this ability lets them look like any creature Medium size or smaller, their pride usually has them choose a form that shows off their dragon heritage, such as a half-dragon.

This class is built for customization, as the whole point of becoming a Skyguard is to be able to start training to become a valuable member of society as young as possible as to facilitate continued relations. As such, multiclassing is highly recommended instead of using RHD, and Skyguard can be considered a favored class instead of fighter for dragons as long as they were raised in a Skyguard roost.

Skyguards still advance in LA as they age.

Any alignment, any god (Faclount is merely the most common).
1d12 per level for HP, 6 + Int for Skill points

Level BAB Saves Special Rank
1 +1 +2 (any) Alternate Form, Nat Armor +2 Rhyaex
2 +2 +3 Nat Armor +3 Onureth
3 +3 +4 Nat Armor +4 Ternesj
4 +4 +5 Nat Armor +5 Arux
5 +5 +6 Frightful Presence, Nat Armor +6 Verthicha

Further Ranks (lesser to greatest): Thrae, Oposs, Kepesk, Austrat, Hysvear, Svern, Isk.

Breath Weapon: They can only do as many a day as their Skyguard level and are still restricted to 1d4 rounds between breaths.


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