Titles: The Corrector, The Blazing Sword.
Domains: Law, Good, Courage, Nobility, Glory.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Lawful Good.
Favored Weapon: Long sword.
Portfolio: Duty, tradition, loyalty, obedience, canon, justice, discipline, paladins.
Symbol: Altar with a sword.
Clerical Alignments: LG.

Description: Castillohn is a sky-blue-eyed human male with short, wavy blond hair, completely clean-shaven, and shown wearing mithral full-plate, buffed to an eternal shine and etched with intricate engravings. He carries a massive triangular tower shield and has a longsword of great craftsmanship. His skin has a healthy glow, and he is the epitome of the human form.

Ascension: Castillohn gained ascension the hard way: grinding from the bottom up, righting wrongs big and small, and felling grand foes that only further showed his ability to vanquish Evil wherever it may lay. The whole journey, from beginning to end, is a collection of exhaustively detailed accounts of adventures and victories, culminated with a direct fight with the half-mortal son of Xiaekau.

Dogma: Do not murder the innocent. Be honorable in battle. Uphold law and goodness to the fullest. Be wary of dangerous creatures; do what you must to keep them from infecting or abusing the weak, the vulnerable, and the innocent.

Clergy and Temples: As Castillohn is sacred to paladins, they encompass most of his followers. Most of his clerics also act much like paladins themselves. They will periodically get lost in their glory, praying for longer than necessary (sometimes out loud). They have many large, elaborate temples across the landscapes, and his Word is closer to canonical scripture than most.gods, thus little is contended about him, his rules, his ascension story, or his appearance (except by people who like annoying the clerics or those with more cynical philosophies).


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