Titles: Progressor, The Heartless.
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Liberation, Hatred.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Favored Weapon: Dagger.
Portfolio: Experimentation, scientific progress, freedom of research.
Symbol: A dissected heart.
Clerical Alignments: NE, CE, LE, TN.

Description: Molnashrint is usually depicted as an illithid, although there’s been contention on whether or not he truly was one before ascension. He tends to be shown wearing robes suitable for laboratory work, often shown with his sharp dagger he’d use as a scalpel. He can be rather impatient, wanting results usually rather quickly, and cruel in his acquisition of these results. His intelligence and ambition is often remarked upon as well.

Ascension: Because of his similar alignment and virtues to Goxnam, his ascension is often connected with Goxnam ascension stories, wherein he is usually not an illithid, but a more common humanoid male. Several stories have him falling in love with a woman (once again, usually Goxnam) and with her abandonment of him into (re)ascension, he had trouble quelling his own tumultuous heart, so he cut it out to examine in order to define where the pain came. Some of these stories, he’d fallen in love with a normal humanoid female as an illithid, sometimes explained as being his host’s former lover. Other stories simply make due with the fact that he still has a contentment with Iulus due to his ambitions.

Dogma: There should not be limits upon how, why, or what you experiment, for knowledge should not be limited. Excluding general cleanliness and methods to keep accuracy, most rules and morals concerning experimentation are pointless and only hinder progress. Furthermore, the overrule of a head that limits your research is to be distanced, shunned, toppled, or even killed, for their foolishness is just as slowing. Freedom in science is freedom in mind, which is true freedom.

Clergy and Temples: Molnashrint’s temples are considered to be the laboratory itself. However, there are legitimate temples to Molnashrint that act as gymnasiums of experimentation, including large galleries of specimens. The temples reside mostly in the Underdark. Molnashrint is particularly popular among illithids, especially those that have or wish to separate from their illithid society and from their ruling brain. He’s also worshipped outside of evil societies for his philosophy on unlimited experimentation and scientific progress.


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