Titles: Shaper of the Erg, The Equalizer.
Domains: Balance, Endurance, Storm.
Rank: ?
Alignment: True Neutral.
Favored Weapon: Scimitar.
Portfolio: Balance, stability, neutrality.
Symbol: Hourglass on its side with both sides equal in sand.
Clerical Alignments: TN.

Description: Nefi is neither shown as male or female, all features obscured with the wrappings and robes of those who wander the deserts of Ogren except for some sun-blackened skin beneath. Nefi’s wrappings shape the sands and the footsteps allow dips and oases. Nefi is mysterious and can fade into the sands at any time, coming back out again as a dust storm to level out the grains again. Though race is purposefully indefinite, many depict Nefi with the large bone structure of an ogre or orc. Some even write Nefi as a shapeshifter of sorts, and followers will speak of Nefi as “he” and “she” interchangeably.

Ascension: Nefi was most likely a nomad in ancient times long before even the Ogren Empire came to being, and one with the personal philosophy of an aesthetic hermit. A combination of extreme conditions and strict-yet-flighty lifestyle opened Nefi to the movements of the erg. Nefi came to know them, to walk them, to teach others how and when to use them or to shape them during their travels. This provided awe and power over power, and it was not long before the nomad walked straight into the sands and dissipated within them.

Dogma: Neutrality. There must be a balance, even if it must be applied forcibly. The pendulum swings violently, or doesn’t swing at all, but balance occurs whether or not people will it. The sands are the truest show of the struggle that shows how balance is inevitable, for the slopes of the dunes do not gather to become mountains when they will, instead, dissipate when the winds come.

Clergy and Temples: The biggest place of worship for Nefi is in Bejheguri, Nefi’s patron city. Clergy will either enforce neutrality or will simply preach and act with the understanding that neutrality occurs. There’s some debate if the enforcement of neutrality can still be lawful, but it’s generally agreed that the very act of encouraging chaos to counter law is an unlawful act.


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