Titles: Crown of the Hammer, Protective Mother.
Domains: Dwarf, Law, Protection, Craft, Healing.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Favored Weapon: Warhammer.
Portfolio: Armor, defense, battle healing.
Symbol: Breastplate and anvil.
Clerical Alignments: Any neutral.

Description: Ovild is a very versatile figure as far as gods go. She will always appear like a mature dwarven woman of strength and experience, but her features change from place to place, taking all features and dress and language of those who worship her in the area. She is a stern and dour woman as far as non-humans can tell (as dwarves are, as far as non-humans can tell), but she is particularly so, often cited as a standard of unmovable conviction.

Ascension: Ovild was a powerful warrior of her dwarven mountain nation that was without peer within their caverns that went to war with dwarves of a roving band. She found herself upon the same battlefield as their greatest warrior, Obadim, and their fight lasted from sun-up to sun-down for a fortnight as the war raged around them. Suddenly, it was said, battle crashed to a ringing silence. Forces of both sides looked upon their grandest soldiers and saw that Ovild’s self-forged armor had been cracked open by Obadim’s axe, which had been shattered in turn by her breastplate. The very force of this break flattened sound itself down into the earth for miles around, and the war was over. Both sides were at once one people, and their warriors joined in a marriage that turned out to be holy, for their alter was that of deification.

Dogma: Ovild is a goddess of protection, and much more interested in protecting the homeland than her husband, Obadim. She will certainly take to fight, but her battles are more for the defense than the offense, and the clerics of Ovild share a similar sentiment. There is also a value placed on being able to endure and protect, and making good armor.

Clergy and Temples: Temples of Ovild are often connected to Obadim temples, built like battlements and stocked with food, supplies, and medical/healing temples, sometimes with a medical academy. They often become hubs when a dwarven city is seiged, and are the shelters for citizens on the event that a city is actually breached. Clerics pride on being protectors of others, particularly of those who they cherish, like their children, and are thus popular among adventurers.


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