Titles: The Evil Genius, The Cosmopolitan, The Single Rebel.
Domains: Evil, Endurance, Inquisition, Mind, and Meditation.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Neutral Evil.
Favored Weapon: Glaive.
Portfolio: Misanthropy, individuality, intellectualism, apathy.
Symbol: Glass drinking cup atop a closed book.
Clerical Alignments: Any.

Description: Her appearance tends to be a female of whatever the artist drawing her is, but usually has a malicious, intellectual mood in her face. The human version (one of the most common) is usually a raven-haired, pale woman with obvious strength in eyes, muscle, or stance, and will be depicted drinking and reading books leisurely. Her attitude is variant, too, on the person you ask, but she’s usually considered mockingly cocky, aloof, and dangerous.

Ascension: Goxnam has the most varied ascension stories known among the gods, if only because her double-ascension makes for good storytelling. The core parts within it are as follows: she rises to deification by “investigation”, becomes a target of Castillohn and is forced to return to mortality, Iulus makes some actions against her during her mortality, and then returns back to godhood. The variations with these core concepts are so numerous, however, that even these concepts get diluted and flooded away.

Dogma: Goxnam asks for little, if anything, because she regards herself as needing little. But she does smile upon those who share her philosophy: Question what you’re told, and get answers to the questions; the more people do not want you to know, the more you should know. You should strive to be able to manage alone, because you are the only true constant in your life. People are subjects of study or amusement; emotions are largely recreational or garnishes to substance, and pain can be defeated by endurance. The followers and clerics, being of any alignment, take what they wish from these philosophies and interpret it into their own values.

Clergy and Temples: Despite that Goxnam is a very popular goddess, there are few clergy and temples associated with her. She is largely worshiped more as one worships a character or a celebrity rather than a deity. Although there are some actual temples to her, many followers believe a temple to her might encompass nothing more than placing a drinking cup atop a book (some fill the cup with a liquor and provide a particularly interesting book and leave it over night when asking her a favor).


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