Titles: Optimal, Glorious Leader.
Domains: Law, Nobility, Glory, Domination,
Rank: ?
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Favored Weapon: Gladius.
Portfolio: Empire, judicature, ambition, commonwealth.
Symbol: Golden eagle.
Clerical Alignments: LG, LN, LE.

Description: Iulus is almost always depicted as a strong human male in the peak of physical condition and virility with an eagle perched upon his extended arm. Outside of that is common conventions for given areas, but in the case of government buildings and temples near political arenas, statues of Iulus usually show him with long, curly hair and a full beard, often wearing something approaching official dress. Effigies within barracks and areas with high military presence shows him wearing his hair in a military cut, clean-shaven, and in full armor minus the helmet.

Ascension: Iulus gained power through glory, usually credited as the father of the modern Empire, though recordings surviving the time are already few and far between without the decay of time. Still, he was a historical figure, Appius Iulus Adastra, one of the few with a definite recording of mortality within history. His drive to better bring together his people took him into various adventures that took him more and more into the path of godhood.

Dogma: Law is all-important, and so is your ambition. You must strive for excellence, for it is never enough to be second best. Complacency with one’s position, if it is anything but the top, is unacceptable. But your war is not with the common people; they are your footholds to power, after all. Best to not abuse them; cherish the weak, for the weak can be controlled. Some clerics interpret this further as striving for the domination of Iulus over other gods.

Clergy and Temples: The biggest temple to Iulus is in his patron city, Quonua. Many of his followers are the common people, being that his insistence on commonwealth and protection of the masses has gained their favor, but the people who take his dogma are people who strive to be like him; to ascend as high as possible and never accept lesser. Even though Iulus seems to be for the common good, he is straightforward in his “the end justifies the means” ambitions.


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