Titles: Crown of the Axe, Sharpened Father.
Domains: Dwarf, Chaos, Strength, Craft, War.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Favored Weapon: War axe.
Portfolio: Weapons, offense, berserkers.
Symbol: War axe and anvil.
Clerical Alignments: Any neutral.

Description: Obadim is a man’s man and a dwarf’s dwarf. He is strong and muscled and virile, but past that changes features depending on how those depicting him wish to depict him. He is also considered a hot-headed warrior more interested in the battle than the outcome. He is a win-at-any-cost man who wouldn’t even mind the loss as long as it was a truly grand battle worthy of respect.

Ascension: Obadim was a strong berserker of a roving band of dwarves that had stalled its march at the foot of an impenetrable mountain fortress. He found herself upon the same battlefield as the mountain’s greatest warrior, Ovild, and their fight lasted from sun-up to sun-down for a fortnight as the war raged around them. Suddenly, it was said, battle crashed to a ringing silence. Forces of both sides looked upon their grandest soldiers and saw that Obadim’s self-forged axe had been shattered by Ovild’s armor, which had been cracked open in turn by his weapon. The very force of this break flattened sound itself down into the earth for miles around, and the war was over. Both sides were at once one people, and their warriors joined in a marriage that turned out to be holy, for their alter was that of deification.

Dogma: Obadim is a god of fighting, and thus a god of war. Value fighting over all else, but Obadim does value the homeland and fighting for the homeland and for the clan. He is, however, more interested in attacking someone who offended the clan rather than protection of the clan itself, unlike the more defensive posture of his wife Ovild. If something can be gained from the fight, Obadim reasons, it’s good enough. There is an emphasis on being able to inflict great pain, and on weapon making.

Clergy and Temples: Temples of Obadim are often connected to Ovild temples when in a dwarven city, and have areas to practice and study fighting and the art of warfare. They are also often given temporary tent temples (cave temples where applicable) when dwarves campaign outside their cities. Clerics are common among dwarves and tend to be very warlike, boisterous, and belligerent.


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