Titles: The Black Lion, The Dark Sword.
Domains: Law, Evil, Glory, Courage, Nobility.
Rank: ?
Alignment: Lawful Evil.
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword.
Portfolio: Duty, tradition, loyalty, obedience, canon, justice, discipline, paladins of tyranny.
Symbol: A black lion.
Clerical Alignments: LE.

Description: ?

Ascension: ?

Dogma: He does not seek the same tyrannical domination that Reoa has such a drive for; he is, instead, a seeker and a traveler that works very much as the opposite of the vagabond paladins that does his part of goodness to those they encounter. Honor to the darkness is essential.

Clergy and Temples: Where clerics and followers of Castillohn seem to be paladins, clerics of Xiaekau are paladins of tyranny. His clerics will periodically get lost in their glory, praying for longer than necessary (sometimes out loud). There’s a decent amount of large, elaborate temples in various areas of the world, and his Word is closer to canonical scripture than most gods, thus little is contended about him, his rules, his ascension story, or his appearance (except by people who like annoying the clerics or those with more cynical philosophies).


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